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Some things are meant to be hidden with a purpose of making the situation or lives better. For example:

  • In performances, the audience would be hidden in the dark to preserve the illusion of the performance or play.
  • Our body goes under a sensation called sensory adaptation. This sensation hides repeated stimuli coming from all our senses to prevent us from going crazy, given that we are sensing a bunch of things at once.
  • Other times, grades and letters from schools must be hidden, in order for the student to have a peaceful day at home.

These are just a few things that we might not be aware of.

            When looking at societal issues in the United States such as gun violence, most of the important information are hidden from the public or are ignored by the public for the belief that things are “better” when some things are hidden. Although in some cases this is true, once a higher consequence is at stake, we should rethink our actions.

Gun violence in America has increased over time, despite multiple movements done in the past. This might be  because of the fact that the things that we see is on social media or the news are censored. For instance, mass shootings are mainly talked about on social media or the news despite being one of the least common types of gun violence. This can causes American viewers to think that gun violence occurs so rarely in the country that it doesn’t need any attention or action. This ignorance leads to lack of action to stop the second highest cause of death in the nation. 

Some Facts About Guns and Gun Violence in the United States:

  • Despite handguns being commonly used in homicide, they are incredibly affordable with a price of $200.handguns' price
  • Most shooters with criminal history were able to legally own a gun because of a mistake in the system that should have prevented them to bear arms
    • Dylann Roof was able to legally purchase the gun he used to kill 9 people, because of a “combination of a mistake” in the background database.
    • Devin Patrick Kelley was able to legally purchase four guns he used to kill 26 people, because his criminal records were not updated in the FBI files.
  • There is a correlation between the rate of gun ownership and gun violence

Guns in America has harmed and continues to harm innocent lives. Many fail to recognize and deal with this problem because they are unaware of or voluntarily ignores the problem. This does not make anything better because for every second that we ignore gun violence, it’s costing someone’s life.


  • Demand for a stricter gun control laws
    • In order to prevent errors in the database, a longer waiting time could help prevent anyone with a record of misdemeanor to possess a gun
    • promote more thorough background checks for those who wants to possess guns
  • Make noise – Support organizations aiming to stop gun violence in any possible way
    • In as little as sharing stories or thoughts on social media, it can help reveal hidden details behind censored news
  • Promote an increase in the selling price for guns to prevent to limit the ownership of guns
    • This can decrease the rate of gun violence
  • Vote for officials who shows concern about the issues in America including gun violence

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